WoW Gold For Sale | Release of The Expansion Date

World of Warcraft (WOW) already has five expansion sets available to play. The sixth one called the Legion is set to release on August 30, 2016. As a WOW player, you’re probably aware that before the release of any expansion, the pre-patch is something that buy wow gold everyone looks forward to. It implements many changes that Blizzard is making in the expansion. So, the pre-patch for World of Warcraft: Legion will release on July 19 in the US and on July 20 in the EU. What to Look Out for in This Pre-Patch?With the launch of wow gold every pre-patch, some of the old content becomes obsolete or is removed entirely. The renowned ring quest chain will be removed as soon as the pre-patch goes live.

While the garrisons will not be entirely removed, &klo2k they are going to wow gold for sale be heavily nerfed.On the other hand, many new features and changes to WOW are being introduced in Legion. While some will be available when the pre-patch is launched, others will only be introduced when the release of the expansion date nears in August 2016. With the release of the buying wow gold pre-patch, one of the major changes is related to classes, and there are quite a few. The players will be able to see overhauls for all the game’s classes and specs. The highly awaited, Demon Hunter class will be available. But not in the pre-patch! However, if you’ve pre-ordered Legion, only then will you be able to best wow gold site try out Demon Hunters before everyone else.

So, while you wait for the latest release, the only thing you can do is play WOW even more fervently and level up. Playing continuously and fighting your enemies off is the best way to way to level up. But as you go higher up buy wow gold cheap in levels, the gameplay only becomes more difficult. It gets tougher to fight each enemy, battleground and dungeon. You’ll realize that you need much more time to conquer battlegrounds than you did earlier. Hence, collecting items, experience points and in-game money becomes a rarity, especially if you’re not able to play the game daily.


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